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Agricultural product development, efficacy and field stability trials in South Africa!  Agricultural Science Consultants TM (ASC) is an independent research company offering clear scientific solutions, service through sound science, innovation, understanding and industry-leading approaches.

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Plant disease and pest management, research and agricultural product development.

The major reason for research and development is to explore new products and ideas and compare them with existing products on the market and its overlapping benefits and limitations, as well as the organisms to be controlled, the role they play within the political, economical and scientific complexity of man-made ecosystems.

New diseases are constantly discovered and known diseases are spreading at an alarming rate throughout the world. Some devastating newPhytophthoraspecies recently discovered include the foliar blight of pine caused by P. pinifoliain Chile, and Sudden Oak Death caused byP. ramorumin the USA and Europe. This makes continuous research and product development imperative to success in any modern, future agricultural endeavors.

As the myriad of different known and, as yet unknown, diseases and pests spread, including different strains of one species of pathogen at any one geographical region anywhere in the world, it places an invisible stress on food production and an unknown pressure on sustainable agriculture virtually the world over. During 1945 a few hundred thousand Irish people starved to death as a result of a potato late blight epidemic. With an increasing world population and related food demand, the 1845 scenario provides an opportunity to learn from. Global warming and its related issues, predisposes the crop to become even more susceptible to plant disease. Plant disease and pests create challenges for commercial agriculture which is already under pressure. Even though prevention is the best cure, for some areas in the world, it is already too late. This necessitates the use of preventative and corrective agricultural products. It also necessitates further research in order to optimize knowledge and product efficacy and sustainability.

Farmers are becoming technically more aware of the role they play in ecosystems, while a market driven industry provides clear understanding of what is needed for the products of concern. Research data provides the opportunity to inform the marketing agents and their clients in a responsible manner, which leaves no room for misconduct and steers the agricultural company to make informed decisions in a forever changing world market.




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BEWARE THE SILENT KILLERS Symptoms you see today are the result of pathogen infections yesterday and the cause of financial challenges tomorrow!

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We sometimes host Farmer's days with marketing and demonstration trials contact us for more information.

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We offer Nursery Inspections, Laboratory Screening, Trials, Field testing and lots more.

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Services include Label design, Marketing Research and Technical Support.

Agricultural Product Development...

efficacy and field stability trials in South Africa.

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