Symptoms you see today are the result of pathogen infections yesterday and the cause of financial challenges tomorrow!

Sustainable agriculture is forever fused with microscopic organisms.
No longer can we ignore or deny the irreversible snowball effect plant pathogens have on the long term sustainability of agriculture.
The most important and cost effective method of disease control is management, which includes prevention.
Early diagnosis of possible future pathological complications is of utmost importance.
Canker-like organisms, for example, may kill the host 5 years after infection.
Other pathogens affect productivity, while some cause a gradual decline of crops.Most of these pathogens cannot be cured and need to be managed. Financial implications can be devastating.

ASC Research offer a disease risk analysis to farmers before they purchase a farm or new plant material, or replant orchards, vineyards or fields. We specialise in orchard, vineyard or field hygiene. Plant Pathogens affect agricultural potential and property value. Information obtained from the disease risk analysis allows the farmer to react accordingly. Farmers receive complete training and assistance in order to manage these organisms effectively and further healthy sustainable agricultural farming units for the future.

The services provided by ASC Research limits the unseen impact of pathogens over a period of time to an absolute minimum. The life expectancy of crops and the shelf life of products are maximised, while the financial implications of a better quality crop leaves the farmer confidant, enthusiastic in anticipating the next harvest.

ASC Research is committed to giving honest, scientific advise. ASC Research employees provide clients with all control / management possibilities known to our personnel and the scientific world. ASC Research is willing to represent the client’s needs at the local authorised chemical / organic company on request.

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