The quotation is valid for 1 month. All quotes exclude VAT, unless specified otherwise. Costs include execution of assigned research as per protocol and final research result write-ups including statistical analysis or/and any other services stipulated in this quote. A deposit of 50% of the total cost to be paid with acceptance of quote, prior to booking of trials. The outstanding balance is to be paid within 30 days after invoicing the relating submission of any single or multiple documented trial results. Any variation of payment terms must be approved in writing by the CEO of ASC Research.




ASC Research laboratory policy:


  • Laboratory analysis are guaranteed if ASC Research are responsible for the field research and will redo any research applicable to disputed laboratory analysis (refer to ASC Research guarantee policy for liability claims) at the cost of ASC Research.

  • Residue or any other laboratory samples and/or analysis are dealt with and invoiced separately, and therefore no invoice payments may be withheld referring to any laboratory samples and/or laboratory reports as the reason.

  • Samples aimed for analysis by alternative laboratories will be charged R2.50/sample/day storage fee after the complete set of samples needed for that particular research were completed.

  • ASC Research accepts no liability for any samples that leaves the premises of ASC Research and cannot guarantee the results if ASC Research was not responsible for the execution of such research.




ASC Research guarantee policy:


  • ASC Research guarantees efficacy trials in terms of disease/pest pressure (conditions apply*).

  • Disease/pest severity will be guaranteed to be within registration norms and guidelines which include natural variations in population of the targeted organism.

  • Mistrials will be repeated at the cost of ASC Research. 

  • ASC Research will give the client the opportunity to postpone the applicable efficacy trials in the case of corrective applications.

  • ASC Research’s liability ends with the repetition of mistrials and ASC Research will not accept liability for financial losses due to the extension of timelines set out as result of any mistrial, including trials deemed as a mistrial due to laboratory analysis results not being acceptable for use in the applicable research.

  • ASC Research does not accept liability for any crop damage to trial sites due to product quality issues or phytotoxicity.




*Conditions applying to the guarantee include the following:


  • Project allocation and protocols or application guidelines must be provided in time according to the project guidelines provided.

  • Product items applicable must be received in time for the project to start.

  • Product item containers must be labelled correctly and clearly, and product labels and names must correlate with the applicable products on the protocol.

  • Product quantities must reflect the quantities needed to include backup efficacy trials.

  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) must be supplied for GLP and Safety purposes.

  • The guarantee does not apply to abnormal weather-related damages to crops or trial sites or natural disasters.

  • The guarantee does not include seasonal changes in any pest or disease pressure.

  • The guarantee does not include mistrials due to any product related issues.


    ASC Research Cancellation policy:


  • Deposits are not refundable. Deposits paid are interpreted as the legal recognition of all details set forth in this quote.

  • Research trials cancelled for any reason, of which the research has not yet started, may be substituted for another research trial with an equal expense profile (available on request) on condition that the client is invoiced for an amount of 1 000 ZAR (excluding VAT) / protocol prepared to cover labour costs.

  • Research trials cancelled for any reason, of which the research progressed to a level less than 50% towards finished, will be invoiced for at least 50% of the quoted price (excluding VAT).

  • Research trials cancelled for any reason, of which the research progressed to a level more than 50% towards finished, will be invoiced for up to 100% of the quoted price (excluding VAT).

  • Cancelling individual research trials which formed part of a larger project on which any amount of discount has been given will result in the cancellation of the project discount given. Remaining trials subject to the cancellation of discounts agreed upon, will automatically be changed to the standard ASC quote price (available on request) per individual research trial and will be invoiced accordingly without negotiation.

  • No discount will be given when cancelling any product from a list of products in the same protocol.

  • Protocols written for import permit approval will be charged at R3000.00 per protocol, but this amount will be credited on the clients’ next invoice on condition that the complete project are conducted by ASC Research.

  • This quote does not include any laboratory or courier services, unless specifically agreed on in writing or included in this quote.
  • This quote includes one standard product. The client has the option to supply additional standard products or ASC Research will purchase the applicable products and the client will be invoiced accordingly. Any additional treatments added to a scientific protocol quoted for, will be invoiced at a charge of R1 750.00 per treatment, excluding VAT.

  • No field trials will be viewed or preliminary data will be provided in the case of outstanding accounts. In the case of late payments future research reports will be coded and passwords will only be provided once the account has been paid in full.

  • Preliminary quotes are not legally valid and only final quotes will be accepted as legally valid. Final quote payment terms as agreed upon with the acceptance of every new quote, are only applicable to this negotiated quote and any other contract payment terms or any other quote payment terms that may have been agreed upon between the client and ASC Research at a separate and/or earlier date are not enforceable on this quote.

  • Every quote is hereby legally accepted as a new and different contract between the client and ASC Research, separate from any other quotes and/or contracts agreed upon in the past.

  • Contractual payment terms set out in any contract must refer to the final quote as reference.

  • Progress reports provided must be studied by the client for a timely response. Any feedback related to progress reports older than 7 days will not be binding.

  • Any research not paid for in full remains the property of ASC Research until the account has been settled. ASC Research will have the right to sell such research the client do not settle the debt.






E-mail communication will be regarded as a legally accepted reference.




This information must be communicated to consultants’ clients by the consultants we work with as our confidentiality agreements restricts direct communication with consultants’ clients. The consultant may be held responsible if their client neglects to settle their account.




We trust this meets with your requirements, should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.




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